Zhengfangyuan jinjiang international hotel since opened on May 28, 2011 operation, the owner and the hotel's management team is exploring study, continue out a relatively complete enterprise culture development track. From the original ", work diligently, highly effective, rigorous and efficient" work style, to "simple, communication, standard, improve working methods. Next from the establishment of "merit" leadership group, and resolutely to corruption, small groups, small profit chain, enrich themselves, the implementation of "zero tolerance" beggar-thy-neighbour behavior, for the hotel "fresh air wind is, fairness and justice" working living environment to lay a solid foundation.

In August 2014, the chairman of the board of directors, first of all, set the principle of "sincerity, honesty, integrity and inclusiveness". Then, we set up a deepening institution to reform the leadership group, at different stages in the development of the hotel, gradually advancing the team building according to the actual situation.

At the end of 2014, the hotel developed the handbook of management operations, which formally formed the "basic law" of the hotel. Guests at the same time, establish the employee's family, such as "enterprise culture idea, determine the" share with the people who have a common dream of achievement "the development of the enterprise's core values. At this point, the enterprise culture construction of Zhengfangyuan jinjiang international hotel is beginning to take shape. Then, hotel set up long-term development strategy plan, in order to create "one hundred - year - old" as the vision, adhere to the road of healthy and sustainable development, determined the 2014 "improve quality, earnings" development goals.

In 2015, the development goal of "building operation management upgrade".

The development goal of "realizing the dream of take-off" in 2016.

The development goal of "primary, intermediate and advanced lean management" in 2017 and 2020.